Sunday, March 8, 2015

And We're Back

After a hard winter I'm returning to this blog and my Lord of the Rings 2nd Age project. After careful scrutiny of the now impossible to get BOFA (Battle of the Five Armies) rulebook I realize that this will have to be gamed with the Warmaster rules by Rick Priestly. What! that's out of print too! Well actually yes and no the Living (as in further updated) Warmaster rulebook is free to download here. I suggest you also check out Rick's Warmaster page for more goodies. So ladies and Gents you can follow my little project complete with rules and at some point LOTR style army lists. I'll have to make those up in good time I'm afraid.

I will be updating this blog every Sunday from now on thanks for reading.


  1. I recently got a copy of the Bofa rules... I had a quick skim through and the rules seems pretty much the same as for Warmaster... it was just handy having stats there for Bofa troops in warmaster trerms... and some spell choices...

  2. Yes the spells are good I'm going to try the treeman (Ent) hero found in the experimental woodelf warmaster army list in my project. You should get the two warmaster armies books. You can find them in the links I provided.

  3. I've still got a paper copy of the warmaster rules and will have to talk about spells and stats with Scott, as I have a cunning plan to try out some larger games of lotr using those rules and......... wait for it....... the plastic figures from the lotr version of Risk!
    Anyway It's good to know your haven't abandoned this project Robert, I'll watch with interest!

    1. Darn it Ste that's next post! I've put a few on warmaster bases and primed them.