Sunday, April 19, 2015

SBG Variant?

One of the things I've never liked about SBG was the way they handled wizards like Gandalf they were reduced to a couple of special rules. I hated that. Llama of Llama's War of the Ring has been talking about his house rule changes to that long defunct GW product War of the Ring this got me into reading those rules. I only really skimmed them when the first came out. I've fallen in love with the magic system in WOR. Wait everyone says they are too powerful, yes they certainly are in WOR because of how WOR plays. Like all mass combat systems WOR armies boil down to 4 or 5 large units grouped into companies so one spell can affect 60 models or even more that's just too much. But with SBG and its warband groupings of 12 or 1 figure this issue can be avoided that's my theory anyway. Consider a classic evil army with warbands of orcs, warg riders and trolls every evil SBG army will have more than one warband of orcs so only some not all of the orcs can be targeted with any one spell at a given turn and each troll/eagle/ent is its own warband so only one can be targeted at a time. I think using the WOR magic system in SBG will really invigorate spell cast characters.

You may notice that there are two links to Llama's War of the Ring that's because he has a Wordpress and Blogger blog. He has moved back to blogger for blogging and this will be the blog he updates now but he has a lot of great sculpted miniature stuff on his Wordpress blog so check that out too.

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