Sunday, August 3, 2014

On the Workbench 2 Some Forces of Sauron

Here are some of the forces of Sauron I'm working on. As you can see they consist of wolves and a giant.
These are the wargs that come with the GW BOFA boxed set they are supposedly 10mm but here you see them next to Eureka's 18mm wizard figure. They look just the right size to me here I'm comparing them with a Ral Partha 15mm wolf. They look the same size to me.
The Ral Parha wolf is a much nicer figure but it like all of Ral Partha's old 15mm stuff is now OOP and expensive when they turn up on ebay. I have 2 of them from out of a "hounds" pack these 2 figures were obviously wolves not hounds. They have great detail so I'll use the Ral Partha figures as wolf chieftain command figures. I've dug out of the bins 4 full units (3 stands each) of the GW BOFA wolves so that will put me at 4 units and a command so Sauron's wolf cavarly is well underway. When the Khurasan Miniatures wolf riders I ordered arrive I'll compare them to these figures in a future post.
The last figure is a hill giant from Eureka Miniatures 18mm fantasy line. The picture on their website is not if this figure but of a figure waving a club over his head this one is a variant. You can never really tell with Eureka which variant you're going to get but I like this one. He is wild and elemental without going for that stupid rock monster look used in The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey film.
As you can see with the Eureka 18mm wizard from the same line he is smaller than I'd expect a giant to be but if he stood to his full height he would be 3 times the height of the wizard not 2 times. I plan to use him anyway how can you say no to a face like his?


  1. It must be rather fun mixing and matching the differing scales and manufacturers to get the best fit ! Who is that wizard destined to be?

  2. Its more fun that you might expect. Well I'm going to model a brim on his hat and make him Gandalf I don't actually need Gandalf for this project but when I saw him I just had to have him.

  3. Have you checked out Copplestones 15mm Fantasy? The Dwarves are superb. It's Hyborian themed but he does have a nice wolf pack amongst others.

    1. Yes I've seen them I do love the dwarves but they aren't very LOTR. I'm thinking of using the picts as wildmen of the woods.

    2. Yes the Picts would make good wildmen of the woods.

  4. I do like the giant Robert, he does look suitably rough. You're right about the wolves, they look about right to me too!