Sunday, March 15, 2015

RISK Lord of the Rings

Way back in 2002 Parker Bros. put out a Lord of the Rings edition of the classic boardgame RISK. I bought the game it was an interesting version of RISK but the best part is the game components.
RISK black Rider
RISK black rider Eureka warg rider
The game has 4 armies 2 good green & blue and 2 evil red & black I'm only going to talk about the evil armies today. Each evil army has 40 moria goblins, 12 black riders (pictured above) and 6 cave trolls. It was the cave trolls that got me thinking about using the these components in my games.
Here are the RISK cave trolls mounted on a warmaster base next to my Eureka man orcs infantry test base. They are of a good size, look great and best of all they are made of hard plastic! That means they are easy to glue and easy to paint. There are a total of 12 cave trolls in one Risk box enough to make 2 cave troll units. I already had the game in my closet so this is a super cheap troll option for me. I have seen the individual army bags selling on ebay for $7 that's one troll unit for $7 still much cheaper than any metal troll options.

The goblins are a good size for my game too but there is only one pose and I want my orc stands to look like undisciplined mobs not regimented units so I'm not sure if I'll use them.


  1. Those models look great!
    The scale looks a little bit smaller than the GW ones, but they really look fun to paint.

    1. They are about 1/10th the size of the GW ones. I'm working on a large scale battle project for LOTR with very (15-20mm) figures.