Sunday, February 9, 2014

On The Table

Here is a quick look at this week's hobby progress. I've finished the Shadow, next will be to finish off the base with flock & stuff. I considered adding eyes inside the hood, but I like it best as is. Next Sunday it will be finished.
 The orcs still need a lot of work.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Poor Showing

I began painting this lovely Reaper figure as a shadow to use in my LOTR games in 2008? That was when I took up the painting hobby again from a 18 year hiatus. And let me tell you I had forgot so much during those years I allowed my skills to degenerate. I had begun painting miniatures in high school with Grenadier figures for AD & D; they were so primitive compared to today's standard, continued on with Warhammer figures through college and beyond. Then for various reasons I stopped. Look at this poor excuse of a paint job couldn't even do black properly! My converted orcs are no better as you can see in these photos.
The only thing I managed to do years ago was base all my LOTR figures on magnetic bases. As you can see with this Christmas biscuit tin of orcs.
Fortunately I began painting again last year with much better results and new techniques as can be see on my other blog

I'm still actively posting on fiends in Waistcoats but I've wanted to revive my long over due LOTR project which I will Chronicle here every Sunday. So expect a new post here every Sunday. I hope to have the repainted Reaper Shadow finished next week. Here is a preview of the new painting.