Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SBG still alive in the USA!

Hi guys my hobby time has been very limited of late and what time I have had has been devoted to my primary blog fiends in waistcoats. However I will make an effort to to keep this blog alive with bi-weekly postings. LOTR gaming and SBG in particular has been hit hard by corporate lack of interest but I am aware of a few hardy souls who are keeping SBG alive most notably Scott of Scotts wargaming blog and Ste who game SBG in New Zealand. Well guys I'm happy to say you're not alone anymore deep in the Rocky Mountains of America where the wolves (yup real wolves) roam a fellowship of gamers have pleaded their hearts to SBG. They even put out YouTube bat-rep videos here is there channel
But the really big new is that these hardy souls have put together an old school GW style tournament exclusively for SBG call Madness in the Mountains! Here is their awards video:


  1. Great stuff! Wonderful to see LOTR SBG getting some interest still!
    Thanks for sharing the video - some really nice looking kit there :)

    1. I thought you'd like to know you aren't the only one holding on to SBG Scott. Further research shows this tourney running since 2010!