Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dollar Store Monster

I was in a dollar store the other day and I spied this bag of plastic animals so naturally I had to give it a once over. Yes you guessed it I bought a bag why you ask? There was a nice bear in the bag and I need a giant were bear, one of Beorn's cousins, for my elf army. He's not to bad looking.
Here he is next to my werewolf monster he is bigger than the werewolf but I like it and I got 2 for $1.29. Not bad for a dollar store find.
Here he is next to the RISK black rider.
The bag came with 2 elephants too but I think they are too small to use what do you think?


  1. Doing 15mm Ancients any time soon? The nellies might come in handy!

    1. I'm doing Lord of the Rings fantasy and the nellie in that are oversize so these aren't so good for that. But if you are in need of cheap nellie's one day I'll send them your way.

  2. Awesome Robert!
    That bear looks really cool.

    About the elephant, my thoughts match with yours... too small
    Unless you manage to find one a bit bigger, then use this one as his spawn.
    All you had to do was to cut the ivory tusks :)


  3. I think you are right Jimmy too small. I primed the bear today and he's looking good.

  4. Couldn't they be used as infant or young elephants?