Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Khurasan Miniatures Lord of Werewolves

I purchased Khurasan's Sauron figure called "Lord of Werewolves" on their site to lead my evil army. In the above picture he is next to the Eureka 18mm wizard for height comparison he's nice and big like in the LOTR movies. He's not even dwarfed by the huge Khurasan trolls.
 This figure comes with two weapon arms and two heads the crowned helmet...
And this werewolf head.
I really like this flaming sword but I've decided to go for the more traditional weapon.
Sauron the Dark Lord of Middle Earth.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Order Arrives!

My Khurasan Miniatures order has arrived and I'm eager to get stuck in but can't seem to find the time.
Here you can seem my order in all it's glory, 4 infantry units of orcs, 1 unit of armored trolls, 3 orc heroes and Sauron himself.
Here are the 15mm orc warriors on the far left followed by the orc general next to the Eureka wizard. I love the fact that the orc general is so much larger than his troops but still shorter than the wizard. The armored trolls are significantly larger than I expected but they are beautiful if a troll can be called that. They will be mounted one per base so that will be three trolls per unit.
The Werewolf being a monster is based with the 20mm base side forward, the troll who is classed as infantry will be based on the 40mm side. This troll looks like he can ride the Werewolf doesn't he?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sorry for the Intermission

Sorry guys I've been having a lot of work craziness the past two weeks and haven been able to post on here. My large Khursan Miniatures order arrived last week save for the Warg Riders which are still on back order from the caster. So my order consisted of 4 regiments of orc infantry, 1 regiment of armor trolls, 2 orc heroes and Khursan's fantastic The Dark Lord Sauron figure. The Dark Lord towers over his orcs, hes twice their height but not a bulky as the trolls he's bad ass! So with the wolves & Werewolf I have a 1,000 pt army for Sauron. I hope to have some pics of the unpainted figures up this week.