Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Order Arrives!

My Khurasan Miniatures order has arrived and I'm eager to get stuck in but can't seem to find the time.
Here you can seem my order in all it's glory, 4 infantry units of orcs, 1 unit of armored trolls, 3 orc heroes and Sauron himself.
Here are the 15mm orc warriors on the far left followed by the orc general next to the Eureka wizard. I love the fact that the orc general is so much larger than his troops but still shorter than the wizard. The armored trolls are significantly larger than I expected but they are beautiful if a troll can be called that. They will be mounted one per base so that will be three trolls per unit.
The Werewolf being a monster is based with the 20mm base side forward, the troll who is classed as infantry will be based on the 40mm side. This troll looks like he can ride the Werewolf doesn't he?

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