Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 25th

I've moved my participation in Sofie's Paint Table Saturday over to this blog as I've been painting figures for my LOTR games. So as you can see here I've been painting up some shadows & specters for the Witch King's army. From right to left you'll find a Mantic plastic ghoul (he'll be an orc specter), 2 I-Kore undead from their Celtos range (again specters), GW king of the dead, Reaper shadow and a plastic black rider from some cheap LOTR board game I got off ebay.

This is Sunday you say? Yes I was painting yesterday but I forgot to take pictures. I finished my Shadow yesterday first Witchking figure to be completed!
This was my first time using static grass but hey at least it doesn't look like it's squatting on a pile of crap like it did before.
You can learn more about Sophie's Paint Table Saturday on here blog

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