Sunday, April 13, 2014

LOTR SBG 2014 New World Campaign

A group of LOTR SBG enthusiasts in Denver Co. USA have been running a "world campaign" using the Middle Earth map. They set up a youtube channel to chronicle their efforts. For some reason blogger isn't allowing me to capture their last video their relaunch of the world campaign but you can watch it here.


  1. I cant listen to the videos... is this one of those global campaigns where folks play games all round the world then feed their results into the campaign? I have seen that done with games like Flames of War, and its seems to work well...

  2. You aren't getting any sound? No its not the first one was among friends and all battles took place in one persons house, the 2nd one is being held at a local club and has 10 participants. If you have a club you should try it.

    1. Ah not that, its just I tend to check some blogging things out during my breaks at work, but cant use sound... ah I see.