Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Making Things Diffcult

Yes dear readers I fully intend to make things difficult for myself (I'm always doing that!) I don't just want to fight the great battles of the Second Age in 15/18mm I want to create Middle Earth through the marvelous artistic vision of the late great Angus McBride.

The wraiths amongst us may recall a role playing company called I.C.E. who at the dawn of time put out a role playing game called MERP (Middle Earth Role Play) this children was how the ancients got their LOTR gaming fix. An unknown but talented artist developed the graphic look of this game which had remained for many the "look" of Middle Earth until the Lord of the Rings movies. I have discovered through research that a few companies have McBride style figures in 15mm so I'm going to go for it! Yes this does mean that I will put aside the Eureka movie style figures I bought.


  1. Still have my I.C.E. LotR game and a few modules, tucked away in the loft these days. Angus McBride's art for Middle Earth still ranks as some of favourites. The recent(ish) Khurasan releases did make me consider doing mass LotR games in 15mm, but it would be one more project to many.

    1. Oh I hear you Mark but now that Khurasan put out 3 McBride troll sculpts I can't hold back anymore.

  2. And another big thank you for cheering me up Robert, between you and Scott you've put a big smile on my face. I remember MERP as a kid, I got into this hobby via role-playing so when you share imagery like that I end up a kid again.
    I think I'll be checking out the Khurasan stuff as an alternative to big middle earth games, I may lose my mind painting up enough riders of Rohan to play War of the Ring at 28mm.